Apr 9, 2021 | Kitchen Remodeling

What Lessons People Have Learned While Renovating a Kitchen




It’s always better to be careful before than to learn later and regret. When we are going to invest a fortune and a lot of commitment in it, it’s always better to learn from other experienced people when we will do the same thing. This way, we can know things that can harm us in the future and prevent it or at least take steps to minimize the problem.

While renovating a kitchen, we can face many problems if we are not ready properly for it. These problems can increase the costs and make this experience the worst one for our family and us. This article is mainly focused on the lessons people learned from their kitchen renovation experience. Hopefully, it would help the readers avoid some of it and have a better experience ahead.

We have to live a long time without a kitchen:

While the renovation is going on, our kitchen gets unavailable because of all the works going on. Not only that, but the place also gets very messy. In this scenario, most people who have gone through this experience preferred to have a temporary kitchen set up somewhere else at home. We should also not anticipate renovation as in some cases it took twice the time we’rewe told. If we come up with this temporary setup, construction time might not feel stressful and inconvenient.

There will always be more work to do:

When we decide to remodel our kitchen, most of the time, we conceptualize our dream kitchen. We plan to have it designed the way we want. But it does not always work how we want it to be. Besides, our needs and wants tend to change often.

After the work starts, we might think of using different tiles, different cabinets, and changing the color. So we have to set a budget aside for these possibilities.

Find an expert:

Some people find it comfortable to work on their own. But it is advised to hire an expert while renovating a kitchen if we don’t feel confident enough to call ourselves a pro in DIYs. Besides, an expert will set up connections, ventilation systems, and lighting systems properly, which we might not do properly. As we are spending a big fortune behind the renovation, reducing the cost behind a good contractor might give us an outcome we never expected or waste our money for making more mess.

Inadequate research:

Before doing anything that needs our money and effort, we must research it intensely. We should know what we are going to do with our house, the consequences and how much money is really needed to make the work more cost-efficient. We have to know every single thing possible regarding our renovation. It will help us bidding, choose the materials, and not depend totally on the contractor.

Keep an extra budget for additional costs:

It will be a great mistake thinking that we can wrap up everything with the budget we made. Things are very uncertain in renovation processes, and mostly the spending has to cross our budget. There are many ways to go up; for instance, after removing the old appliances and cabinetry, it is not unusual to find out damaged old water pipes and issues regarding mold or other structures. So it’s always better to be ready for surprises from the beginning.

Don’t follow the trends always:

The fact is not to totally avoid trends but to choose one after keeping some important things in mind. It’s always tempting to choose a style from magazines, but we also have to think carefully if that layout goes smoothly with our lifestyle or not. Otherwise, there will be no option but to suffer in the long run. Because you don’t get to remodel your kitchen every month, so please choose the layout that will not make you feel uncomfortable while working in it. Maybe choose some parts of it to add and increase our kitchen beauty.

Confusion on the layout can mess everything up:

It is indispensable to have a clear visual of the layout in mind before starting the project. The floorplans, the walls, the wiring system, and the plumbing are the trickiest and most complex works in a renovation project. We have to be double sure about the layout. If not, it can cost us a lot of money and more time than we expected. It’s also not a good fact to regret after spending so much on a project.

Communication breakdown can cause great hassle:

We have to make sure a proper and smooth communication channel between the team and us. This fact can also mess things up and extend the cost. We have to be alerted whenever a task is complete and be there for feedback. Improper communication causes loops for problems to occur.

Restrict your options:

This is one of the tasks that we have to stick to always and have to be made while our research work. We might go crazy if we don’t limit our options, and our costs will also continue to grow more. To prevent this situation, we need to make a list of what we want and add some options we can go for. Even if we change our minds, we can choose something from the options we made before. It’s always better to make restrictions for ourselves which will help us cross harmful lines and predict the minimum losses.

Don’t stay quiet:

The benefits and values of having a clear communication channel are immeasurable. We have to always check on the works being done and speak up if we find anything done differently. As we are spending a good amount of money and being done in our own house, we have the right to talk about it whenever we want. If it’s not possible to communicate face-to-face always, we can do it by other means such as through emails, texts, or phone calls.

Prepare to eat outside often:

Even if we set up a temporary kitchen, it’s not always possible to have a proper meal made in there. We have to be ready to have meals outside often. For example, having heavy meals outside that requires most of the appliances of the kitchen.


It’s always better to be alerted before facing the issues. When it comes to renovations, different problems and inconvenient situations are always coming from here and there. So we better make ourselves prepare as much as possible before starting the project.












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